Mexico Mission Project Shares the Light

Fifteen Oregon Pathfinders and staff, along with Mathisen Mission team members from the White Salmon (Wash.) Church joined together in a mission project at the Mount of Olives Orphanage just south of Ensenada, Mexico.

The ministry was started by Darrell Graham on a hilltop with magnificent views of the countryside, surrounded by olive groves. There are two completed homes and another home is being built on the orphanage's 12 acres.

There were automotive challenges on the trip. Just hours into the trip, the bus transmission went out. The Medford Church loaned the group their van. Within four hours, the group was back on the road.

The next day, in downtown Los Angeles, Calif., during rush hour, the cars in front of the van suddenly stopped. A small car changed lanes to the lane in front of the van creating a space too small for the van to stop safely. Just in time, space opened beside the van, and it stopped—cars on one side and a concrete barrier on the other.

God also protected the group from an adult scorpion found under one tent, ready to sting.

By day, team members worked to finish a large home to hold at least 12 children. In the evening, they were crusaders for Christ, introducing many to Jesus. Besides building a huge septic tank, six Pathfinders, under the leadership of Ralph Staley, led out in an eight-night evangelistic series in the remote town of Manleadero. During the meetings, Elaina Mathisen and her team held a Vacation Bible School program for nearly 60 children.

Light Bearers Ministry donated 3,000 copies of the Spanish Steps to Christ or Into All the World, and team members handed these out in nearby villages. Jim Rickenbaugh coordinated the effort.

Curt Mathisen held a free dental clinic, helping many people by pulling teeth and filling cavities. Elaina Mathisen says, "This mission experience will have a ripple effect that will continue for many years to come."

July 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference