News for July 2008

Ask PJ

July 01, 2008

QUESTION: Do I have a responsibility to tell a family member or friend if they are doing something wrong?

Wow, what a question. This is a tough one.

Two stories come to mind. The first is in Genesis 4 of Cain who had done something wrong. God asked him, "Where is your brother?" Cain responded, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain wanted to avoid responsibility with family.

Products in Perspective

July 01, 2008 / Dan Patchin

God didn't mean a lot to her. And Sabbath? Sabbath—church was expected in her family. However, given a choice, she likely wouldn't go.

Haley turned in her senior proposal (another expectation) and presented it to the academy staff. Although she didn't think there was a way she could do such a project, she needed the grade.

WWU Students Help Community with Cars and Taxes

July 01, 2008

One of the greatest commissions we have as Christians is to serve. Walla Walla University students are doing that in unique ways.

Students of the Technology Department and the WWU School of Business have teamed up with a local non-profit organization SonBridge to offer workshops for community members. SonBridge is a community service organization that uses its resources to help those referred to them by the Christian Aid Center, YWCA and other similar organizations.

The Lord Leads Tillamook Chaplain Follows

July 01, 2008 / Shawna Malvini

Danny Parada is proof the Lord works in mysterious ways.

An El Salvador native, Parada and his family lived in Portland for 14 years before moving to Mexico in 1998. After completing a theology degree at Montemorelos University, a tragic car accident brought Parada and his family back to Portland in 2002. “We came back, not because we wanted to, but because God had a plan for our lives,” says Parada.

SAA Students Serve God At Bamboo School

July 01, 2008 / Alline Ladish

Fourteen Skagit Adventist Academy students and six adults discovered firsthand the joy of service during a mission trip to Thailand.

The Skagit missionaries went to help the Bamboo School, a self-supporting mission for children from the Karen tribe in Burma (Myanmar), where a former SAA student, Steven Ladish, is a student missionary. Catherine Riley-Bryan, lovingly called Momocat, started the school seven years ago with a prayer and a mere five dollars. Today, the school has more than 70 students.

Skagit Students Fundraise for a Cause

July 01, 2008 / Sheila VonBergen

Over a five-day period, the K–12 students at Skagit Adventist School and Academy brought in their pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars for the South Africa Weekend Feeding Program in an effort to raise $1,500.

The funds raised help provide weekend food supplies, hot meals, soap and candles to children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.