Vegetarian Classes Attract Public to Healthy Lifestyle

Heather Reseck is a registered dietitian with a mission—to simplify healthful, vegetarian cooking while keeping recipes tasty and nutritious.

Each year, Reseck and a team of family and church members, holds an annual, and sometimes bi-annual, vegetarian cooking class for Sequim and Port Angeles, Wash., area churches. In addition, Reseck is a featured chef during VegFest, the annual vegetarian food festival in Seattle.

Reseck's classes revolve around a theme—such as holiday dishes, gourmet gifts, and ethnic meals, which show the diversity of vegetarian meals. She brings in guest speakers, such as physicians to address specific health topics, or a vegetable produce manager from a local organic farm.

The food preparation demonstrations, taste tests, and Reseck's book, Fix-it-Fast Vegetarian Cookbook, are always a hit with those who attend. But most importantly, the Sequim and Port Angeles churches have earned a reputation in the community for being a health-minded church family.

May 01, 2008 / Washington Conference