Northwest Men Reach the Summit

The scene is chaotic. Tables are overturned and on their sides, forming barricades, marshmallows fly through the air making their targets and others miss and cover the floor, voices count to 20 while hitting the wall. What is this? It's a view of men still enjoying the simple pleasures of a "snowball fight" at the UCC Christian Men's Summit at Camp MiVoden Feb. 15–17. Before the mock snowball fight, more than 100 men who came for the weekend enjoyed a farm-themed banquet, where some dressed as American farmers and others as Israeli farmers. These events were balanced with other more serious ones as participants learned to grow in a relationship with God and become the men God wants them to be.

James Rafferty, speaker and Light Bearer Ministries co-director, challenged men to be real with God, study His word and learn to avoid some of the traps Satan sets for men in today's world. Following the sessions, men shared personal experiences, struggles, areas of temptations, and how to overcome. After each session men separated into "talk it out" groups. The weekend was filled with music by Bruce Christensen, Mark Bond, Greg Loewen and Greg Reseck. Sid Nash, Don Vories, Greg Loewen and Shannon Hicks gave many of the messages. There was delicious food and meaningful fellowship.

Two final highlights: A dusting of snow on Friday night reminded participants how they can be covered as white as snow with Christ's righteousness, and a candle-lighting inspired participants to let their light shine.

Blessings await those who mark their calendars now for the 2009 Men's Summit.