Medford Teenagers Share Witness And Solar Bibles With India

Recently, at age 82, I had the opportunity to go with more than 20 teenagers from Medford Rogue Valley Adventist School on a mission trip to India. This was my ninth mission to India, but I have never been so impressed as with the exuberant joy these teenagers expressed.Their energy was inspiring as they visited homes in the muddy streets of more than 20 remote villages, sang and told stories to the children, gave health talks and preached sermons in the new churches recently built as a result of evangelistic meetings.

Touching the "untouchables" for Christ was to me an extension of the ministry of Jesus. How wonderful to see the faces light up and smiles break out on faces that had little to smile about. Decisions were made to follow Jesus, and the results have eternal implications.

We had the joy of distributing 100 MegaVoice units. These handheld solar-powered digital devices contained, in audio form, the New Testament, God's Story (a narration of the high points of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation), the sound track of Luke from the Jesus Film, Steps to Jesus by Ellen G. White and 20 New Beginnings Bible lessons in the local Telegu language.

I wish you could have seen the delight on the faces of the Bible workers and pastors as they received them. "These will provide a rich resource for our work among the newly planted churches," they say.

These 100 were the first of 1,300 in Telegu ordered by Gospel Outreach in partnership with Adventist World Radio, who did the translating of Steps to Jesus and the New Beginnings Bible lessons in their studio in India, and the North Pacific Union Conference. Our goal is to make these audio devices available in more than 10 different world languages, one thousand in each language.

More information is available from the NPUC ministerial department at (360) 857-7037.

May 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference