Puget Sound Adventist Academy Celebrates 10-Year Milestone

Puget Sound Adventist Academy can no longer claim to be the "new" day academy in Washington.

"Just ten short years ago, our 1998 class was officially recognized as the first graduating class of PSAA,” said Mackenzie (Fridlund) Santana in her welcoming remarks at PSAA’s alumni Sabbath in late February. “Who knew ten years could go so fast?”

PSAA reached a milestone this year when the first graduating class of 1998 returned to celebrate their ten-year Alumni Sabbath. Five- and ten-year classes recounted their favorite mission and class trips and reconnected with friends.

In 1996, after two years of meetings and planning sessions, a grassroots parent's group brought together 21 churches in the greater Seattle area to form the constituency for the new day academy. PSAA began operations in 1996 with eleventh- and twelfth-grades added the following year. With Washington Conference approval and support, the creation of PSAA paved the way for development of other day academies in following years.

Sandy Beddoe, a member of the Vision and Growth Committee, shared plans during alumni weekend for revitalizing the school facility through either a new state-of-the-art “green” campus, or through renovating and remodeling the current buildings. A committee is exploring the best options for maximizing funds.

A large crowd of alumni, friends and parents turned out for rousing games of basketball in the evening. Ten years' worth of alumni men played against each other and the alumni women played against the current varsity ladies team.

April 01, 2008 / Washington Conference