Kelso-Longview Church Burns Mortgage

The Kelso-Longview Church celebrated the end of 2007 by burning their $1,050,000 mortgage earlier than projected.

A roaring bonfire greeted members in the parking lot. Dale Beaulieu, Oregon Conference interim financial vice president, attended and Duane Wilson, head elder and building chairman, recounted the process of building the church. Mike Speegle, senior pastor, reminded members how financial freedom is just one step in the journey to reach the community.

"Just as we are free financially from the burden of the payment, we can also be free from many personal burdens which keep us from reaching others," says one member. Each member received a copy of the mortgage and were asked to write down a personal burden they would like to "burn up."

Rick Casebier, associate pastor, led the group out to the bonfire where he first burned an enlarged copy of the mortgage, followed by members throwing their personal copies into the flames while singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

April 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference