Nampa Church Honors Teachers and Elders With Shabbat Shalom Service

The Nampa Church found a unique way to recognize the teachers and staff of Gem State Adventist Academy and Caldwell Adventist Elementary School. Also included were the spouses of the teachers, school staff and church elders. To honor them, the church hosted a Friday evening appreciation dinner, incorporating some traditional ways used to welcome the Sabbath.

At sundown Victor Moores blew a trumpet and Suzette Maxwell and Susan Winchester lit the Sabbath candles. Randy Maxwell, Kuna Church pastor, shared a blessing for the teachers and staff. Ervin Furne, Nampa Church pastor, dressed in a traditional prayer shawl and yarmulke, offered the welcome and introduced the guests at the head table. Don Klinger, conference vice president for administration, followed with the appreciation dinner blessing.

The menu included nahit (a chickpea dish traditionally served on Friday nights to honor the birth of a male child), challah (a braided bread), kugel, couscous salad, barley soup and date cake.

Cherie Richards led the group in Sabbath prayer. Paulette Jackson, conference superintendent of schools, made a presentation of appreciation to the teachers and staff, and the group all sang "Shalom." Stephen McPherson, conference president, concluded the evening with prayer.

March 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference