Weimar Institute Votes to Close College Program

After 30 years of training Seventh-day Adventist youth and adults for lives of consecrated ministry, the board of directors for Weimar Institute of Health and Education voted to close the college program June 20, 2008, due to steadily decreasing enrollment in recent years. The successful NEWSTART® program will continue as the institute seeks to build on its strengths. The eight-step, 18-day health recovery program is known nationally and globally.

Goodbye, Postum®

Kraft Foods, the makers of coffee alternative Postum, recently announced they will no longer make the once popular beverage. The product had a small, but loyal following among Seventh-day Adventists, who believe caffeine negatively affects health, and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who don't drink hot, caffeinated beverages. The company stopped making Postum last fall because of the decreased demand.

ShareHIM Lay Evangelism Festival

Held April 10–12, 2008, in Phoenix, this free event will feature special speakers and seminars to inspire and train lay workers to present the Adventist message in their communities and around the world. More information is at

Nonprofit Leadership Certification—Level 1

The Oregon Conference will host a Nonprofit Leadership Certification program May 4–9, at 19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone. An early bird registration discount is available through April 2. Call 1 (800) 732-7587 to register or go online to


Home School Companion Radio Program

The Review and Herald Publishing Association®, in partnership with Griggs University (Home Study International), is launching Home School Companion, a radio talk show dedicated to home-based education. It airs every Wednesday at 8 a.m. PST on LifeTalk Radio. It will also air live on the following three Web sites:

Questions? Call 1 (800) 775-4673.

Contemporary or Traditional Religious Music Online

Now you have a choice. No matter where you are in the world you can listen via your computer to either contemporary Christian music and programming at the main site for Positive Life Radio,, or tune in to traditional sacred music at their alternate site,


The February GLEANER notice about the death of Thomas Ashlock failed to mention his service as NPUC youth director from 1974–1975 and again as church ministries director from 1987 until retirement at the end of 1990. Thanks to Darlene Clark, former administrative assistant, for this correction.


Jim Berglund, pastor, left Medford, Ore., to be pastor in Caldwell, Idaho, effective Jan. 1. Floyd Bresee is taking a temporary break from retirement to be interim pastor at Valley View Church in Medford. Ewart Brown, pastor in East Salem, Ore., retired at the end of January. Wayne Culmore is helping as interim pastor of Hood View Church in Boring, Ore. Pat Grant, pastor in the Ferndale, Wash., district, has been granted a leave of absence by the conference executive committee. Justin Howard is serving Puyallup and Tacoma, Wash. area churches as a new Bible worker. Greg Howell, just back from seminary, is now associate pastor in Puyallup. Duane McKey, former NPUC ministerial director, and most recently Arizona Conference president, is now vice president for the Southwestern Union Conference. Carl Wilkens has initiated a leave of absence from pastor at Milo Academy to respond to a growing nationwide demand to share his Rwanda story.

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