Community Service Connection Leads to Baptism

Donna Lane was baptized Dec. 22, 2007, choosing to celebrate her new birth around the time of Christ's birth. Her story is a testimony of how Adventist Community Services can help people, not only with food and clothing, but also with finding Jesus.

Lane's story begins a few years prior. She was helping a friend move to Sequim, Wash. Her life was full of difficulties, so the friend suggested she stay and make Sequim her new home. Since Lane only planned to drive her friend there and back, she didn't bring many things with her. Faced with little money, clothing and food, and in need of housing, her friend brought her to Sequim Church's community services.

Each week Lane would come to pick up the needed items. During her visits, she became acquainted with several volunteers. Their smiles and warm friendships motivated her to learn more about this church. She started Bible studies with Maureen and Roger Dowling, a community service volunteer couple and began attending church. For the past two years, Lane has witnessed a number of other baptisms in the church, and found herself wanting to be baptized too.

March 01, 2008 / Washington Conference