Mill City Church Sheds a Brighter Light

Nestled in the Santiam Canyon about 25 miles east of Salem, among towering firs and mountains, lies the Mill City Church. For years, this reconverted building, once belonging to a local lumber company, has served as a beckoning lighthouse for canyon residents in the Mill City and Gates communities.

Since its origin in the area, attendance has fluctuated, ranging from a sizeable, past membership that filled the sanctuary, to as few as a half-dozen members. Despite the ups and downs, some families have remained steadfast throughout the years, and due to their efforts more space became needed. One of the first projects was to convert a building previously used for Dorcas to a classroom for the youth.

In addition to the youth room, work started on creating a larger sanctuary that would accomodate up to 20 new members. On Sept. 29, 2007, Willard Loewen, Mill City pastor, held a special service to consecrate the newly remodeled space. The church is excited about the new worship areas and is seeing the membership grow.

Two new, youthful baptismal candidates became members of the Mill City Church family in November. Loewen baptized Adrianna Martinez and Shane Griffith, making them the first to be baptized at the newly remodeled Mill City Church.

January 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference