Skagit Students Practice Fire Safety

December 01, 2007 | Taryn Dillon

The lower grades at Skagit Adventist School celebrated fire prevention week by discussing safety, drafting an escape route, and putting their plans into action through a safety drill.

To start the week of fire prevention education, a fire department representative came to talk about fire safety and planning an escape route.

The second day, the fire department returned with two fire trucks and a big white playhouse. The students toured the fire trucks, and talked with the firefighters.

They also practiced their escape plans. In small groups, students went up the stairs of the white playhouse only to have it catch on “fire” in the bedroom. One by one they felt the door only to discover it was hot.

Using their fire safety knowledge, each child went out the window and climbed to safety. Each group met at the mailbox (the predetermined meeting spot).

“It was like a real fire, but it wasn’t a real fire,” said Mariah, a fourth grader. “It was fun to learn how to get out of the house during a fire!”