Running Forward Prineville Adventist Church

Members of the Prineville Church recently participated in the "Haulin' Aspen Trail Half Marathon" in Bend, Ore., Sunday, Aug. 12. Six of the seven participants are first-time half marathoners who started training with the Adventist Marathon Clinic last March. The 13.1 mile race course included a 1,300 foot uphill trail. In spite of the fact that the Adventist Marathon Clinic participants trained on paved city road, all seven crossed the finish line without falling or scraping their knees. Many of the other participants came back bleeding or all bandaged up. Fred Hosillos, clinic instructor, said, "God blessed and protected our group and now they're on their way to training for a full marathon.

Completing the race were Wendy Perrin, Crook County Health Department director, who has been training with the clinic since April; Melissa Levesque, a nurse and dedicated participant at the clinic; and Jodie and Charles Bauman.The Baumans run together every Sunday: Samuel, 6, rides his bike, and Grace, 2, enjoys her stroller while Mom and Dad take turns pushing. The Baumans would like to run the Honolulu Marathon in December to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Also completing the race was Lydia Johnson, 44, mother of 10, who ran with her husband, Dan, a triathlete, and their daughter, Abigail.

One family who participates in the clinic is composed of three generations: a mother, a daughter and a granddaughter. Mary Demaris, Lori Desjardins, and Amy Desjardins have been enjoying the camaraderie at the Adventist Marathon Clinic. In spite of their heavy schedule on Sundays they come to Ochoco Park in Prineville at 7 a.m. to run/walk with other clinic members.

After a short story ran in the local newspaper about the participants from the Adventist Marathon Clinic following the half marathon event, staff at the Bend Bulletin decided to write a longer story. They sent Katie Brauns to the clinic on Sunday, Aug. 26, to run with Hosillos and to interview participants. As a result, "Running the Dream" was published in the Aug. 28 issue of the Bend Bulletin in the Community Sports section. Although religion is not the main focus of the program, Hosillos and other members had the opportunity to share what Adventists believe on healthy lifestyle.

Hosillos told Brauns, "A healthy person is healthy both physically and spiritually." Through the newspaper article, two women, an 85-year-old and a 55-year-old, are now interested in joining the program. A young couple is also interested. As of the last run, two of these new interests have come.

Through the work of the Prineville Church members and pastoral staff, plus public media coverage, there is a growing awareness of the Adventist presence in the community. "This is what we've been praying and working for. The time is right, we can now confidently go out and minister to the needs of the community in various aspects, and most of all offer them the good news of salvation," says Ron Jahn, personal ministries leader.

Now, many of the church members are involved in nurturing fellow members, going out door-to-door, and getting ready to start Bible studies. Different classes and seminars that will be offered to the community are on the drawing board.

The Adventist Marathon Clinic instructor and co-instructor, Fred and Rochelle Hosillos, respectively, volunteer their time and know-how to encourage people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The clinic provides a means for church members who participate to interact with non-member participants, thus opening a way for spiritual sharing, said Jahn.

October 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference

Yollie Jahn, Prineville Church communication secretary