Mega Oregon Culminates at Hispanic Convocation

What would happen if the Adventist church did not do evangelism?

Flor was ready to commit suicide. Her husband had just recently kicked her out of their home. When she was at her lowest she received a flyer advertising Spanish evangelistic meetings in Portland. With the idea in the back of her mind that if this did not work she would end her life, she picked up the telephone to call for more information.

Juan Pacheco, University Park Spanish Church pastor, answered the phone, but he did more than just tell her about the evangelistic meetings. He set up Bible studies immediately and arranged for other assistance. Flor then attended the evangelistic meetings faithfully. During the meetings she accepted Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized.

Where would this woman be today if she had not received the flyer advertising evangelistic meetings?

Abraham came to the first night of evangelistic meetings alone. His wife was ready to leave him. She met an old boyfriend and decided that she would leave her husband. On the first night of the meetings Abraham sat alone weeping. The church members encouraged him to bring his wife to the next meeting. Amazingly, his wife did come and over the next seven days, they received marital counseling and Bible studies. At the end of the short series of meetings, both Abraham and his wife were baptized.

Where would this family be today if they had not attended the evangelistic meetings?

These are just two of the stories resulting from Mega Oregon, a coordinated evangelistic outreach by the Spanish churches in the Oregon Conference. During June and July all of the 20 Spanish churches and groups held meetings—either on their own or joined with other churches to have combined efforts.

Even though the summer months are not the best time for evangelistic meetings for the Spanish-speaking community, they decided to press on because there are people like Flor and Abraham who need Christ. And, with 141 baptisms and at least nine more preparing for baptism as a result of the Mega Oregon evangelistic initiative, the Spanish churches of the Oregon Conference are excited about evangelism.

September 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference