Inspired Career Choices Made at Milo Student Chooses Theology as a Result of the School's Influence

July 01, 2007 | Matthew Pierson

Although my mom and my brothers were always around, my dad’s time was often taken up by fishing and alcohol. When my father was around, he and my mom would often fight. I didn’t really mind it because I was used to it. After school, I usually hung out with my friends. Most of them were drug users. I was offered drugs, but never accepted.

Through generous sponsors, I was able to come to Milo, where I have learned that having a personal relationship with God is the most important priority in my life. I also learned that talking to God daily and understanding the Bible are very important. The staff and students are willing to share advice and their stories, especially Pastor Carl Wilkens.

If I wouldn’t have attended Milo, I probably wouldn’t have a personal relationship with God. During my four years here, I have felt loved and cared for. I have learned countless things about the Bible and God’s love, not just by listening to lessons, but through memorable experiences.

The staff at Milo has encouraged me to search for the truth in everything I do. When I chose to take advantage of that privilege, my life was changed. It wasn’t a huge change that happened all at once, but it was one that developed slowly and made me into a servant.

Being at Milo has helped me to search for God and find Him. It has also helped me to choose a career in theology. My Bible teacher was a big inspiration in my choice. I am looking forward to helping other people in the most important area of their lives—knowing God.