Musical Vistas Expanded at Music Clinic

Many students ask recruiter Jondelle McGhee what it's like to attend Auburn Adventist Academy. Her answer: "Come and visit!"

As the Washington Conference boarding school, Auburn Academy has the space and facilities to accommodate many conference-wide events. One of these events is the annual three-day music festival for choral or band clinic (alternate years).

Music clinic, a highlight of the school year for musically-inclined students, unites students' musical abilities for focused rehearsals in preparation for a concert finale.

"There's a healthy measure of competition that brings out the best in musicians when they come together from so many musical backgrounds to perform under one director," said Lon Gruesbeck, Washington Conference vice president for education. "The result is a showcase of Adventist Christian education."

Whether the student is in elementary school or high school, music clinic provides an opportunity to see Auburn's campus, to broaden musical vistas, to make new friends, and to build a sense of community among the 22 schools in western Washington.

Music clinic is usually held the first weekend of March on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy. Next year will feature a band concentration. Call the academy at (253) 939-5000 for details.

May 01, 2007 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella with Jondelle McGhee