Jorge at McMinnville Church

The McMinnville Church recently hosted violinist Jaime Jorge in concert. Jorge opened the concert with the song Praise to the Lord, then led into his first story of how God had worked in his life.

He had driven to his second concert of the day and arrived with time to relax a bit before the evening concert. As he got ready to leave for the auditorium to meet with the audio and video engineers, he suddenly had a chilling thought. Where is my violin? He realized he’d left it at the church he’d played at that morning and there wasn’t time to go get it. How could he do a concert without a violin? Many prayers and some phone calls later, a friend agreed to bring the violin for him. He felt so thankful to the Lord for coming through, and it reminded him of how much God loves each of us, even in the small things.

During the concert, two very accomplished McMinnville church member musicians, Jeff Newell, a violinist, and John McMillin, a guitarist, had the privilege of playing Let All Things Now Living with Jorge. This was definitely a highlight of the concert.

Jorge continued on with exquisite songs and thought-provoking stories to draw all closer to God and show how God can work in your life if you will just let Him. Use the talent God has given you for Him. Jorge is definitely using his talent as a ministry for the Lord.

April 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference