David Comes to Life Churches Host Benefit Play for Local Hospice

The enigmatic biblical hero David came to life last November on the stage of Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Wash.

The play, developed by Dick McCoy, composer, author and director, addressed the dichotomy of alternating failures and faith that characterize David’s life—and ours.

“David, the Man God Loved—But Why?” used 19 vignettes to relive memorable incidents from the life of David, ultimately showing his deep repentance and God’s mercies.

For more than six months, 31 volunteers from the Port Angeles and Sequim churches prepared for this production. The play served as a free benefit for the local volunteer hospice, and $900 in donations was raised for the guest house project.

The Port Angeles Church finds this vehicle—presenting a performance to benefit a charitable organization—a positive way to publicly show the community they care. Even advertising the event through radio interviews, newspapers articles and posting public notices provides sharing opportunities.

March 01, 2007 / Washington Conference