Auburn Adventist Academy Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) welcomes three staff members to the team: Erin Hieb, who works in the alumni and development office; Gordon Onsager, as director of major gifts; and Sarah Onsager, as administrative assistant.

Erin Hieb, a graduate of Union College, has degrees in public relations and institutional development. Originally from Loveland, Colo., Hieb enjoys football, sports, traveling, singing and event planning. Working in Union College’s development office allowed Hieb to gain valuable experience and ideas she hopes to implement at AAA.

“I am excited to be working at Auburn Adventist Academy,” Hieb said. “I hope I can contribute many great things to this organization.”

For the last year and a half, Gordon Onsager worked in AAA’s physical education department. In addition to these duties, he is now part of the development office as director of major gifts. He is also responsible for Auburn’s annual “Hearts of Gold” dinner and auction.

Onsager, who is an alumnus of AAA, has a degree from Walla Walla College in fitness management. Previously, he worked as a taskforce dean at AAA, spent a year teaching second grade in Palau and served three years in the Infantry as part of the Stryker Brigade stationed at Fort Lewis. He also spent one year serving his country in Iraq.

“I really enjoy the students and staff at this school,” Onsager said. “I love working for God, and I love the mission here at AAA.”

Sarah Onsager, the new administrative assistant to principal Keith Hallam, enjoys working with young people. She previously worked as a secretary at Nelson Crane Christian School. Sarah Onsager holds a degree in business administration from Walla Walla College.

“It's fun being back at Auburn,” said Sarah Onsager, an AAA alumnus who has fond memories of singing in Sylvan, playing basketball and being on the gymnastics team. “I am constantly reminded of when I was in high school and the beginning of lasting friendships I made while I was here.”

March 01, 2007 / Washington Conference