It All Adds Up Students Enjoy Math Day at Skagit Adventist School

Recently K-4 teachers at Skagit Adventist School (SAS) joined together for an in-house “Math Day.”

Teachers planned activities based on the theme of Thanksgiving, while focusing on mathematical concepts.

The students divided into groups and rotated through five stations. Activities ranged from measurement with recipes, following directions, Sudoku puzzles made with food pictures, a shopping game show that focused on money skills, and quilt making that examined geometry, patterns, and symmetry.

“It was a great way to show students some of the many ways math is a part of our daily lives,” said Lillian Jordan, first-grade teacher. "Math is not just about adding and subtracting."

SAS teachers have already begun making plans for their next math day, with a goal of having one per quarter.

One student summed up the whole day when he told a teacher, “This was supposed to be math day, and we haven’t done any math, but we’ve had fun!”

February 01, 2007 / Washington Conference