Family Time at Mt. Ellis Academy

February 01, 2007 | Kelly Ree

There is one event that has a special place in everyone’s heart here at Mt. Ellis Academy, and that is faculty families. Once a month each faculty member and their family take time out of their busy schedules and welcome a group of students into their home, feed them, and, of course, entertain them.

The teachers and administrators organized faculty families here at our home away from home with the idea in mind that it would bring faculty and student body closer to one another.

There is a lot more to faculty families than one may think. Not only does the teacher prepare for this special time, but their families help as well. Thanks to the wonderful family members, we are treated to amazing food, clean houses and a homelike atmosphere.

Each family has many different activities they do. Some have parties with a theme and the students will come dressed up in costumes. Others will take their families out to eat. Some go bowling or to a basketball game. Most just kick back and have a big meal with a game after supper, or just sit around in the living room and chat about life at MEA. Other times the activity after supper can be as simple as watching a movie. Whatever the activity, everyone has a refreshing evening with their “family."

With the idea of trying to bring the faculty and student body together as one, the administration built in another benefit. If one of the students is struggling with grades, or just daily life in general, it is the faculty member's responsibility to go check on that student and help out.

Being a small school, we are all very close. Having faculty families only ensures that closeness and loving atmosphere. Next time you visit our campus, ask someone about his or her faculty family.