Let's Talk Check Out the New Weekly Blog

January 01, 2007

Check Out the New Weekly Blog

Throughout 2006, the GLEANER featured a monthly reader-response section called Let's Talk. Now that column has moved from a monthly feature to a weekly or even daily online journal, or blog, as it is called on the Web.

Coordinated by Steve Vistaunet, assistant to the president for communication, this ongoing blog site invites your input. Your comments, as long as they are approved within the general site guidelines, will be posted there as well.

This is a work in progress. Eventually we plan to include sections targeting teens, young adults and even inactive members. Because the content will be changing more often than before, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed of this section, which automatically connects you with any updates.

So check in frequently to the new and improved "Let's Talk" section at www.gleaneronline.org.