A Day in the Life of a College Student Experiencing Family Weekend

December 01, 2006 | Kristi Spurgeon

Parents, grandparents and siblings descended upon the Walla Walla College (WWC) campus in late October for a whirlwind of activities centered on Family Weekend.

First held at WWC more than 10 years ago, Family Weekend is an opportunity for parents and other family members to visit their student at college, and catch a glimpse of what modern college life is all about.

For José and Sylvia Acosta, the weekend was the perfect chance to experience the college life their daughters enjoy. José works at WWC, and although he didn’t have far to travel, he enjoyed the opportunity to join daughters Monique and Erin at the weekend events.

Les and Sandy Fong, from Sacramento, Calif., were among the parents seen in classrooms Friday morning as Family Weekend kicked off with Take-Your-Parents-to-Class Day. “We enjoyed listening to the professor and his lecture even though we didn’t totally understand the subject matter,” said Sandy, whose son, Greg, is a senior electrical engineering major. “We are just glad that we don’t have to take the exams!”

Christina McGill, from Days Creek, Ore., and mother of freshman nursing major Stephanie Elder, couldn’t arrive early enough to sit in class, but hopes she’ll be able to next year, since Stephanie has classes from one of McGill's former professors.

Other weekend activities included a special vespers presented by returned student missionaries, dinner with the new college president, the Sabbath-closing ceremony “Evensong,” and a breakfast attended by the students, parents and professors. A number of departments also opened their doors on Sunday morning for department tours and open houses.