"Dear God, You're the Best" Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs Begin Year with Retreats

A simple childish prayer scrawled in purple crayon and taped to a rough wooden cross during a Sabbath morning activity captured the heart of Pathfinder and Adventurer ministries.

“Dear God, You’re the best, … I love you. I hope I’m going to heaven. I wish I was there right now. Maybe tomorrow.”

Over two separate weekends in mid-September, 570 Pathfinders and Adventurers came to Sunset Lake Camp to mark the start of their new club year.

Pathfinder Camporee and Adventurer Fall Family Campout featured the usual treasure hunts and late night hikes, but they also included something more. “These events serve as milestones in the lives of many young people,” says David Yeagley, Washington Conference youth director. “During these campouts young people create memories which will stay with them for a lifetime and help to anchor them to their church.”

If you are interested in starting a Pathfinder or Adventurer club in your church, contact the Washington Conference Youth Department.

November 01, 2006 / Washington Conference