Survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields Speaks at Gresham and Lents Churches

Setan Lee, from Cambodia, told his story to members of the Gresham and Lents churches. He shared that when he was 17, he had plans to study medicine in Paris the following year. All of that changed when Pol Pot's armies invaded Cambodia in 1975 and began killing those with an education.

More than a million people perished that first day alone. Lee managed to hide his education and was put in a youth concentration camp. One day his student ID card turned up and he was tied up and taken with three others to be executed as an archenemy of the Khmer Rouge.

Lee eventually escaped and immigrated to Colorado. In 1995 when Cambodia was opened to the public, Lee and his wife Randa returned to Cambodia and founded Kampuchea (Cambodia) for Christ (KFC), a ministry that includes a women’s rescue home for prostitutes, an orphanage, a ministry training center and a trade school.

The presentation also included information about a project that Lee is working on with Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA). Last fall, GSAA started a company to create jobs for graduates of the Battambong Trade School, a KFC ministry that teaches poor village girls sewing and computer skills. Almost nine months later, with more than 16 outlets, Khmer Krafts,, employs 40 Cambodian girls (many who now know about Jesus) to make purses, handbags and clothing items. To buy these items, visit the Oregon Adventist Book Center, the Adventist Medical Center gift shop, or visit their Web site,

For more information on Pastor Lee, his ministry or his book, visit or call (509) 592-2134.

October 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference

Debra McCarver on behalf of the Gresham and Lents churches