Spirit Week at Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School

Students and teachers at Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School took a break this spring from their academics and had some fun participating in Spirit Week.

Monday was Hat Day. Instructions: Wear a hat—any kind, color or size. Buy it or make it. The variety of hats brought lots of smiles and laughter.

Tuesday was Sports Day. The first event was a timed obstacle course. It started with doing hand over hand on the monkey bars, then crawling through a low eight-foot manmade tunnel without touching it. Next, students had to push a wheelbarrow for 50 feet without tipping it over, continue by running through a set of tires, run up a huge slide and then dribble a basketball around an orange cone maze and make a hoop at the finish line. Other events followed throughout the day.

On Wednesday, Culture Day, students and teachers dressed to represent such countries as Mexico and Sweden.

Thursday was Crazy Hair/Clash Day. Now this took the cake! Some students fashioned strands of hair to stick straight up or out. Others' hair turned either purple, green or red for the day. And the wigs—wonder what catalog they came from!

A much anticipated part of Thursday was the pie eating contest. No one really admitted getting sick or at least not for long. Actually the pie turned out to be a large jelly-filled doughnut.

Every day during the lunch period, Peter Hardy, principal, surprised the group with a special mystery event, like a student-propelled raft ride, a catapult water balloon game and tug of war.

"The whole student body and teachers enjoyed the fun, challenges and close friendship," said Hardy.

September 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference