Prineville Church Member Awarded Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Miles Matthews was recognized as a 2005 adult volunteer of the year by Mike Wendel, Prineville mayor, at a ceremony honoring 29 volunteers in Crook County April 4.

An active member of the Prineville Church, Matthews spent about 1,200 hours doing volunteer work in 2005. Among the things he did was to provide daily transportation for five children from Prineville to Madras and back so they can attend the Gibson School for the 2004–05 school year.

Last July, Matthews underwent open-heart surgery, but by early September he was driving the dump truck hauling load after load of dirt. He continues to work almost every day helping with the church building. He is also a good neighbor. In the winter, he used his snow blower to clean neighbors’ sidewalk, both near his home and by the church.

Following Christ’s example, Matthews truly cares for others with a kind heart.

September 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference

Yollie H. Jahn, Prineville Church communication leader