Prineville Receives a Gift A New Church Building

Work is underway to build a new church in Prineville because of some generous donors. In August 2005, we started the construction process. As a response to God’s bountiful goodness, the small band of members gathered at the building site after church services one Sabbath shortly after we started work on our church. They sang praises, gave testimonies and had a circle of prayer of thanksgiving, at the same time asking God to bless the building project and to protect the workers. The current church is old, small and lacks adequate parking.

The new church is being built on five acres that were recently annexed to the city, and it will seat about 250 people.

As the church building progresses, the church membership grows. In the spring of 2004, three families, impressed by God’s leading, moved to Prineville, including Al and Myrna Long, retired Georgia-Cumberland Conference secretary and public health nurse, respectively. They help immensely with the church work, including giving Bible studies.

Miles and Marilyn Matthews came from Montana after retiring from their x-ray tech and nursing positions. During the school year 2004–05, Miles drove five church-sponsored children 20 miles each way just so they could attend church school. Now he volunteers at the church construction site on a daily basis. Marilyn is an excellent and patient pianist.

Phil and Carol Meyers came to Prineville with many years of experience in construction. Prior to coming, Phil dreamed about God telling him to come to Prineville and help us. At the time he didn’t know about the generous gift.

Inspired by the growing enthusiasm for evangelism, their sincere faith in God, and the friendliness of the church members, several families from the surrounding area are now attending the Prineville Church.

Many Bible studies are underway. There is much work to be done to reach the people of Prineville. If you have the missionary spirit, come help us in Prineville. God is gracious and He will march His bride to victory—even the small congregation of the Prineville Church. For He has promised “I will build my church.” (Matt. 16:18)

August 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference

Yollie Jahn, Prineville Church communication leader