Blessings and Miracles Experienced In Cancun

July 01, 2006 | Jon Dickerson

The Livingstone Adventist Academy (LAA) senior class landed in Cancun, Mexico, on April 25 for their senior class trip. This was not the sort of senior trip that you might expect. Most tourists only see the developed hotel zone with all the glitz and commercialism. The real Cancun, where the local populace lives, is primitive and in great need.

We had the opportunity to spend one week helping rebuild an Adventist church devastated by Hurricane Wilma. Our students worked hard, mixing concrete, hauling buckets up ladders and pouring beams for the roof.

The trip proved to be a greater blessing for us than we ever anticipated. We discovered that building a church involves building relationships as much as a structure. Senior Dana Koger said, "For me, this was by far the most meaningful class trip we have ever been on. We fell in love with the people and they with us. Even though we got to visit and see lots of incredible places, it was the people who truly brought our class together."

This is why LAA always incorporates mission service in every senior class trip.

Another senior, Kayla Quinn, shared this: "Blessings and miracles rained down like the gravel and sand that poured from our buckets. Mixing and hauling concrete became habit, and the people there became family. We were welcomed with love and graciousness; we received more than we could have ever given. The greatness shown was unbelievable and the anticipation for heaven is magnified because I know I'll get to see my Mexican family once more."