Summit Examines Evangelistic Value of Sabbath School

Pastors and Sabbath School superintendents from Oregon, Washington and Upper Columbia Conferences rediscovered the evangelistic potential of Sabbath School during the Sabbath School Leadership Summit in March.

This North American Division-sponsored event for the Northwest explored the four goals of Sabbath School—faith, fellowship, community and world mission—in connection to making Sabbath School relevant to today.

The two-day summit, presented by many leading Sabbath School experts, addressed many how-tos, including using different learning styles, creating community outreach opportunities, developing Sabbath School leaders, applying small-group ministry concepts, and engaging members in Sabbath School.

“The summit brought our focus back to the value of Sabbath School with its built-in small groups and outreach potential,” said Bruce Koch, Washington Conference adult Sabbath School coordinator. “We were given good examples of what’s happening across the country with the Sabbath School model so we can apply the evangelistic model here in the Northwest.”

Keynote speaker Don Schneider, North American Division president, blended practical advice and stories to illustrate the evangelistic potential of Sabbath School.

“We need to look at the period between 9:30 and 10:45 as an opportunity to make a difference,” Schneider challenged. “The Lord makes a difference when we pray seriously for souls. Pray for the people who come to your Sabbath School class. Pray for the people who come and those you want to come. Ask God for direction.”

May 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella