New Russian-speaking Company Formed in Tacoma

The Tacoma Russian group gave thanks on Feb. 11 as conference officials accepted the group into company status in the Washington Conference.

“We have great gratitude to God and to the Washington Conference for this opportunity to grow,” said Vitaly Olinick, Russian Center for Spiritual Enrichment district pastor.

The new company began home church services in 2004 and laid the foundation for further growth by conducting a number of seminars, participating in a radio ministry, distributing literature to Russian stores around the Puget Sound, and other activities. As a result, this group grew.

“We use every opportunity to gather people and share God’s word,” Olinick said.

John Freedman, conference president, challenged the new company to continue to actively share the good news of the Gospel.

“If you want to be happy as a church, then you have to grow,” Freedman said. “Churches that aren’t growing, aren’t happy. How can you have joy in your heart and not share it? God has given us a job to tell others that Jesus is coming again.”

April 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication intern