Hot Chocolate, Fruit Baskets and Sweets AAA’s Recipe for Ministry

If you think personal evangelism is losing its palatability, you are in for a big surprise!

Auburn Adventist Academy students are cooking up creative ways to minister to the community. Every Sabbath afternoon, students and staff pile into vans to spread the love of Jesus in unique and practical ways.

Consider the Hot Chocolate Ministry. Around Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, students share cups of hot cocoa with the homeless. Not only do students share a warm treat with the people they meet, but they also enjoy conversing, praying and singing with newfound friends.

Academy students thought out-of-the-box to begin a Fruit Basket Ministry. With an assortment of colorful fruit on hand, students and sponsors visited a trailer park.

“People kept asking us why we were doing this,” said Karissa Rogers, a sophomore. “I just kept saying ‘no catch’ and once they realized it was true, they were really happy to accept our gift.”

After the last basket had been given out and the van began driving away, a smiling man waved from the window of his trailer, orange peeling in hand.

From baking cookies for local firemen, to picking blackberries, to making pies for people in the community, taking hot chocolate to the homeless in Seattle, and sharing fruit baskets with people in our very own backyard, Auburn Adventist Academy is excited about the simple recipe for personal, practical evangelism.

April 01, 2006 / Washington Conference