Washington Conference Welcomes New Company Southside Samoan Is Formed

Washington Conference leaders welcomed the Southside Samoan Group into company status on Dec. 10, 2005. The group formed in 1992 with a beginning membership of 35 people. As a part of the Tacoma Southside Church, the group initially met in the facilities for a Samoan Sabbath School class. A short time later, worship services in Samoan began.

Along with the English church, the Samoan group assisted in the construction of a new church facility in 1995. Worship services continued in the fellowship hall of the new church.

Since that time, the numbers continued to grow under strong lay leadership and the support of Tacoma Southside members. Now more than 100 worshipers gather each Sabbath to worship and praise the Lord.

The members are praying that they will continue to grow and are planning an evangelistic series for 2006. David Moench, Tacoma Southside Church pastor, provides strong support to the Samoan members and will continue to serve as pastor of both congregations.

March 01, 2006 / Washington Conference