Saying YES! to Dreams

Dear YES Council,

Thank you very much for the funds you provided for our education here …. That helped me a lot, as my family struggles financially at the moment. I really appreciate that. May the Lord richly bless you!

A Grateful Academy Student

Thirty-three years ago, the Oregon Conference recognized the need for financial assistance for secondary students. A special account for students lacking sufficient funds to attend one of the Adventist senior academies was created. That account is now known as YES! (Youth Educational Scholarship).

Today YES! is still alive through much prayer, organization, planning, and benevolence from the constituents. Because of the gifts of the donors, almost 4,000 students have been granted over $4,000,000 in scholarships. In addition to realizing their dreams to attend one of our academies, these students have received a solid Adventist education, preparing them for lives of service.

Just for a moment, consider how blessed we are and how we can become partners with our Lord in returning to Him money for the education of young people. Seventh-day Adventist education is not a “luxury” but a necessity. Only eternity will tell us the entire story of how YES! has made a difference in the lives of our youth.

For more information, contact Glen Davis, YES! coordinator, at (503) 652-2225 or

February 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference