Reflections Children's Choir

It was an exciting moment for me to see the children standing up on stage at the Waterville Fair singing their hearts out at a ceremony to honor the families of fallen soldiers. The children had a sense that they were singing for Jesus, and the crowd was very responsive. They presented many of the old patriotic hymns, such as "God Bless America."

The choir began almost four years ago as a children’s ministry of the Cashmere Church. The 24 choir members, ages 4 through 12, come from many of the Adventist churches in the area. The choir meets weekly to practice singing, and to work on their speaking skills, sign language and instrumental music.

Every time they sing, the children know they are representing Jesus. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of kids to work with. They love the Lord and hold a very high standard of excellence for themselves. It gives me great joy to see the personal improvements each child makes toward being better able to present the gospel through their music, sign language and speaking skills.

December 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference