Columbia Academy Dedicates Campus Circle of Ribbons Symbolizes Commitment

For the ninth consecutive year, students, staff members, and the pastors of the 12 constituent churches participated in dedicating Columbia Adventist Academy’s campus. Led by Matthew Butte, campus chaplain, Columbia reaffirmed its commitment to make God first in all classes and activities during this school year.

After a student-led song service and a commitment message from Butte, everyone moved from the chapel to the front lawn, receiving a piece of ribbon as they left the chapel. Students and staff members met in groups with their pastors for a time of fellowship and prayer. Then they tied their individual pieces of ribbon together to make a longer length, representing their church. These lengths were then joined together to make a complete circle, which was then placed on a wooden cross from the chapel that holds the ribbons of previous years, symbolizing their commitment to a rich spiritual life at Columbia and their recognition that all the members of Columbia’s community are an important part of our family.

The dedication closed with Ryan Rogers, student association president, and Gary Brown, CAA principal, offering dedicatory prayers.

December 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference