Walk Through Bethlehem in Lynden, Washington

November 01, 2005 | Sara O'Connor

Can a small church dream big? Open Door Fellowship in Lynden, Wash., thinks so. Three years ago, this small group set out to share the true meaning of Christmas with their community.

For four days, Dec. 8–11, Open Door will be hosting their third annual Walk Through Bethlehem. This more than 300–foot replica of the streets of Bethlehem during Jesus’ time boasts shepherds, a tax collector, Roman guards, shops and crafters’ booths, and even a temple. Visitors are greeted by a tour guide, supplied with coins to pay their taxes, and taken on a tour of the city. They can experience the sounds, smells, and tastes that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus might have experienced.

Our goal is to help visitors sense the reality of Christmas physically, emotionally, and spiritually by being transported back in time to the place where it all began. This family event is free of charge, refreshments are provided, and donations are gladly accepted.

For more information or driving directions, call (360) 354-1447; or visit the Open Door Fellowship’s Web site at www.myopendoor.org.