From Gang Member to Church Member in the Pasco Spanish Church

A unique evangelistic series at the Pasco (Wash.) Spanish Church resulted in 18 baptisms. Danny Delgado was one of those who was baptized.

After several disappointing events in his life, Delgado began to hang out with gangs. Eventually they influenced him, and he became involved with drugs and alcohol. “I didn’t want to feel anything,” he said.

After nearly being killed several times by other gang members, Delgado knew he needed to change. Even during the difficult times, he said, “I knew that God was watching over me.” Now, Delgado knows he is here for a reason, and he no longer feels afraid or empty inside. “It’s a scary world out there without God.”

When asked what he would like to say to other young people that don’t know God, he said, “If you want to change your heart, God will handle the rest for you.”

November 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference