Sunset Lake Touches Lives

Every summer camp experience has its defining moment. Mine came at the end of a tough week at Sunset Lake Camp. Day after day there had been an endless parade of people and problems to deal with. At times I wondered how we could ever impact these campers for Christ. But every morning the staff prayed for God to work through our weaknesses.

Now it was Friday night, and the camp was quiet. I stood on the shore of the lake and watched as clusters of young people and their counselors gathered around the water’s edge. This was the moment we had worked and prayed for all week, as campers were given the chance to accept Christ as their Savior. In the darkness, I saw the glow of more than 100 candles set adrift on the mirrored surface of the water—a symbol of each camper’s decision for Christ. As the prayers of the staff mixed with the sounds of music being played from the floating dock in the middle of the lake, I sensed God working in a special way.

That’s when it happened. A young girl approached with several of her friends. It was obvious they had all been crying. Without saying a word, she gave me a hug and then with tears in her eyes said, “Thank you.” As she walked away, I knew that God had answered our prayers. I don’t know all that was behind her words. I don’t know what struggles this girl faced. I don’t know what pain she had experienced. But I do know that God reached down that night and touched her life in a real way. Despite our fears, we had made a difference.

It was just one small victory, but for me it defined our summer experience at Sunset Lake Camp. This was a year of new beginnings—a year of transitions. From the moment our staff first gathered, we readily acknowledged that if victories were to be won, it would be up to God’s work and not our own. Time and time again we saw God at work in powerful ways. He brought our staff from all over the country and bonded them together as a tight-knit family. When our water system went down during the first week of camp, He kept the camp open and food on the tables. And time and time again He allowed us to participate in the amazing process of changing lives for Him.

This summer with close to 800 campers in attendance, we rejoice that God has blessed us with 154 decisions for baptism. Each of these individuals is being worked with through the off-season. And we pray for a rich harvest in the weeks and months to come.

If you and your family have never experienced the difference that Sunset Lake can have in your lives, I invite you make plans to be with us next summer. There will be new camps and exciting new activities, but above all else, there will be one thing that will never change. Sunset Lake will always be a place where you, your child, or your grandchild can make Jesus their forever Friend.

October 01, 2005 / Washington Conference