Sabbath School Leaders Build Strong Tower

We started building the tower the first Sabbath in January 2005, in the Walla Walla City Church primary one division. We told the kids we were going to build the "Tower of Babel." It was built with 2 x 4 blocks, each 8 inches long.

Each Sabbath we added four layers of blocks. The first and third layers were blank, the second layer had the lesson theme printed on the blocks, and the fourth layer had the memory verse printed on the blocks. During the week, Barb and George Wright went back and screwed the blocks down solidly, so the tower wouldn't collapse if a kid tried to climb on it.

George stood in the tower as the kids handed him the blocks, after they found the right blocks and put them in order. When the tower got waist high, they asked, "How will he get out?" Somehow he managed to climb in and out every Sabbath. The kids loved it—especially if he placed a block upside down or in the wrong order, they caught it right away! Little human figures were placed along the tower ledges.

The last Sabbath of the quarter, the 6.5-foot tower was finished with all the quarter's memory verses and lesson themes printed on it. We renamed it the "Strong Tower."

A flier with Bible texts, referring to the Lord as our "Strong" or "High Tower," was given to the children. They were asked to take them home, tape them to their mirrors and read them every day.

October 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference

George and Barbara Wright, Walla Walla City Church members