Youth Festival 2005 "A Different Story"

August 01, 2005 | Amy Schrader

The excitement was contagious as more than 1,000 young people converged at the New Hope Community Church in Clackamas for Youth Festival 2005.

Bernie Anderson, Salt Lake City Wasatch Hills Adventist Church pastor, presented the main messages. Full of energy, his presentations called listeners to active discipleship. “God is more interested in players on the field than fans in the stands. … If you want a different story, get out of the stands and onto the field!”

Continuing the sports theme, brothers Kelvin and Brent Green shared their testimonies of God’s leading and blessing. Both are rising stars in college basketball, and both have taken their stand for Jesus: they will not play during Sabbath hours.

“They’re using that as an opportunity to say, ‘athletics, great; but God is number one!'” says Monte Torkelsen, Oregon Conference youth director. “I always put [Sabbath] first,” says Kelvin, and Brent adds, “When you sacrifice for God, God will bless you in all you do.”

“Jesus is calling us to active discipleship,” Anderson agrees. “Your salvation was free, but discipleship will cost you everything. He’s more interested in our character than our comfort. God challenges us to step out of that comfortable place.”

By the end of the Sabbath afternoon message, the youth were ready to experience a different story in their own lives—the platform was filled with those seeking a deeper relationship with God.