Auburn Ministers Through Gymnastics

Tumbling, tossing, three highs, four highs, backflips and even pyramids—what does any of this have to do with ministry? At Auburn Adventist Academy this year, we are proud of a unique ministry, the Falcons gymnastics team.

During the team's tour, they performed at many Adventist schools and churches in southern California. The team consists of 30 gymnasts; three students who run lights, sound and photography/videography; and seven sponsors. Brian Kittleson, AAA vice principal, doubles as the head coach.

Kittleson said that gymnastics is a ministry because it is “Christian kids having a blast!” He added that students grow spiritually by worshipping together as a team.

Assistant coaches Mike Kahler and Willy Goltz help Kittleson plan an inspirational program filled with lights, contemporary Christian music and mind-blowing routines.

Brandon Gratias, AAA senior and four-year gymanastics team member, commented that “a lot of kids have not seen stuff like this before, so they really look up to us. And then we share how cool God can be, and because they look up to us, they are more receptive to that message.”

July 01, 2005 / Washington Conference