Excited To Be a Seventh-day Advangelist

Our son, Darin, manages the Adventist radio station in Spokane, Washington. As a part of their outreach, they operate an online Discover Bible school. He shared an e-mail with me that he had received from one of his students. He said, “It made my day.”

As I read it, I realized again that those of us who are third-, fourth- or even fifth-generation Adventists tend to take for granted the joy and blessings of being a part of the family of God. I hope you can sense the excitement in this new believer as she discovered the Adventist Church and, in particular, the Sabbath. Following are a few excerpts. They made my day … and maybe they will make yours, too.

“I finally found a Church where I can go to praise and give thanks to God. I also attend this particular church to celebrate the one true Sabbath day, Saturday.”

She goes on about the importance of attending church to “recharge one’s spiritual batteries.” Then she said, “To praise God during the week is always great, but to come to the Lord on Saturday is the topping on the cake.”

Further sharing her delight as well as her innocence, she tells how she recently began attending a Seventh-day Advangelist Church."Actually that’s not a bad juxtaposition of the words and meaning of our name. I decided I rather liked it.

She adds, “It has brought me so much joy. I feel at home here. I can’t wait to go back.”

“Thank you Lord Jesus for pointing the way to the church of Your choice. I love you for looking out for me. Amen!”

Yes, indeed we are blessed to be Seventh-day Adventists or was that Advangelists.

May 01, 2005 / Editorial