If It Is His Will, There Is a Way

"I am sorry, sir, but the freeway won’t open until 9 o’clock. We are still cleaning up the wreckage from last night’s accidents.”

We were all very disappointed when we heard what the road worker told our sponsor, Steve Rae. Several of us students had been asked to do a church service for the Brookings Church and had been preparing our respective parts for most of the previous week.

Sitting there in silence, we all thought, “Did we come all this way just to cancel and turn around?

“Well,” Rae finally asked, “what do you guys want to do?” After several minutes of discussion, we decided to go north and then cut across to the coast and travel down Highway 101. That route was much longer, and we knew that we still might not make it in time for the church service.

We arrived just in time, and our part of the service went relatively smoothly.

I learned two very important lessons from that particular outreach trip. First, we should never underestimate God’s power to do what He says He will do. Second, no matter how stressed we are with work or school, we will feel much better doing something good for someone else!

April 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference