Cave Junction Church Assists Adventist Tsunami Victims

Verne and Patty Hyland, pastoring in Cave Junction, Ore., were devastated by the news of the Tsunami wave that left thousands homeless in Sri Lanka, where they served as missionaries for nine years. They contacted friends in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans in Southern California to find a way they could help.

A Washington family is serving as missionaries there, and the young man has been put in charge of helping our Adventist homeless members, many of whom have lost everything. Some are living in tents in the church yard at Batticalo, on the devastated east coast of the island. Most of the families are living in plastic shelters or tents.

The Cave Junction Church has been assigned a family to help. A house costs $500–$1000, and $500 will build a boat for a fishing family. The Hylands are willing to visit other churches and encourage them to adopt a family to give emergency aid to this stricken area of southeast Asia. You may contact them at (541) 218-2667.

Editor's note: ADRA funds must be used to help everyone alike, and cannot be earmarked specifically for Adventist members. This is one way to specifically target Adventist Church members.

March 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference