Omak Man Joins His Wife in Baptism —50 Years Later

Virgil Crewes was baptized at the Omak Church by Pastor David Woodruff. Two other men, Bill Kitterman and Michael Horton, became Adventist Christians through profession of faith.

Crewes’ wife, Carole, had been baptized 50 years earlier. For years, she attended services alone. After moving to Omak six years ago, Carol announced one day that she would like to go to church but did not want to go alone. Virgil said, “I’ll go with you.” Surprised, Carole responded, “You really mean it?”

From that day the Crewes' attended church together. Later when they hosted Bible studies in their home, Virgil stayed downstairs during the studies. One evening following the study, Elder George Wilson asked Virgil, “Don’t you consider taking the Lord as your personal Savior?” Without hesitancy, Virgil responded, “I sure do.”

At the baptismal service, Virgil emerged from the water with his arm raised in a victory salute and exclaimed, “Praise the Lord. I can feel Him in me.” He testifies that he is thankful he came to the Lord for forgiveness and acceptance before he became older. Married for 57 years, he says, “I wanted to be with my wife. I wanted to be baptized for a long time but couldn’t pull away from my own ways.” When he faced surgery recently, he met it with confidence instead of his usual fear, knowing that God was with him and people were praying for him.

Bill Kitterman joined the Omak Church through profession of faith after attending faithfully for 10 years. He had been a member of a local Protestant church, and through personal Bible study had come to understand the Sabbath. He chose to demonstrate his love for God and his wish to uphold the Sabbath truth.

Michael Horton also became an Omak Church member through profession of faith. A 10-year veteran of the Okanogan fire department, he was introduced to the Sabbath during training as an EMT by Adventists Douglas and Gina Hodge. After his marriage in 1999 to Karen, a lifelong Adventist, he began attending church, ministering to the church through his singing talent.

The Omak Church celebrated with the three men at a potluck meal following services.

February 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference