Lynnwood Spanish Church Is Organized

February 01, 2005 | Doug Bing

The Lynnwood Spanish Church began as a dream in the fall of 2001. A number of dedicated members had the idea that a new church should be planted in the Lynnwood area. In August of that year, 20 members discussed the plan and agreed to begin a new branch Sabbath School in the afternoons at the Cypress Adventist School. Sept. 8, 2001, was the first afternoon service with 29 people in attendance and an offering of $17. By the first of December, the group had grown enough that the first morning service was conducted.

The group soon found a Baptist church willing to rent their facilities and made the move to a church setting. All through 2002, the group continued to grow until it was officially organized March 1, 2003, into a company by the Washington Conference. Fifty-one people signed the roll for the new company.

The Baptist church soon became too small for them, as there are many children that come each Sabbath. A new pastor came to the Baptist church and asked them to find new quarters in June of 2004. Through a series of miracles, a new location was found.

Through all of this, the church continued to stay focused on evangelistic outreach, and God richly blessed them with growth. Thus exactly three years to the day after the first morning worship was conducted, John Freedman, Washington Conference president, came Dec. 4, 2004, to organize Lynnwood Spanish Church into an official church. During the service, Elder Freedman shared the story of the dry bones in Ezekiel that came to life when the Spirit of God was present. The challenge was given for the church to be alive in Christ and to continue to seek God and allow Him to make us alive in His service.

When the charter for the new church was signed at the end of the service, 90 people came forward to sign. The church is looking forward to continued growth as they reach out into the community. They are also looking forward to the day when they will have a church of their own.