Baptized at the Age of 100

Ray Yelick, age 100, was recently baptized at the Meadow Glade Church. He celebrated his 100th birthday on May 18, 2004.

Ray, a resident of Colonial House, an assisted-living facility in Battle Ground, became acquainted with Vera Powell, a member of the Meadow Glade Church. They became special friends, and Vera shared her faith with him. He was very interested and began attending church and Sabbath School.

Sam Elie, our visitation pastor, went to visit him and found that Ray was interested in having Bible studies. Pastor Elie in turn gave his name to Sherry Miller and Jean Duncan who faithfully studied with him for months, going through both the Discover Bible studies and the Amazing Facts studies. Ray had lived by Christian principles all his life, but had never studied the Bible in such depth before. He was thrilled as each new truth was presented, and couldn’t possibly understand why everyone could not see the Sabbath truth.

It was a very happy day on July 10, 2004, when Ray was baptized by Dale Ziegele, a Meadow Glade pastor. Ray was ecstatic about his baptism.

February 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference