New Staff Members Give Milo Great Start to Year

Milo Adventist Academy welcomed several new staff members this fall, including Randy Bovee, the new principal.

Bovee has previously been a teacher, vice principal and interim principal. A graduate of Milo Elementary as well as the academy, Bovee has a master's degree in administration. After 17 years of teaching, Bovee's experience, spiritual emphasis and knowledge of the school will make a positive impact at Milo.

Alex Federowski is the new vice principal for student affairs and teaches oral expression and algebra. He comes from Tulsa Adventist Academy, where he was principal. Already his calm, patient wisdom has been a blessing. His wife Barbara teaches American literature and also became the administrative secretary when Teresa Wilkens moved to the accounting position. Barbara has a special talent for putting people at ease and getting them get the help they need.

Becky Rae, part-time English teacher last year, was hired full time to fill the position vacated by Jeff Bovee. Her caring and friendly spirit enables her students to talk to her whenever they need someone to listen.

Milo also hired Nic Owens from Minnetonka Christian Academy in Minnesota to teach science. Owens' fun-loving nature and desire to connect with the students have won him the affection of all the kids on campus.

Academics is not the only area in which Milo acquired new staff. Girls’ assistant dean Elizabeth Blackerby and REACH coordinator Dustin Young were hired from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. Mike Young is the new pastor's assistant, and Kevin Vernier is serving as the boys’ assistant dean. Both come from Union College in Nebraska. During his academy years, Vernier worked as a part of the grounds crew, and he has delighted everyone with his renewed efforts to beautify the campus.

Milo has a great new staff that is already making a difference in the campus and the students. The unique blend of people and personalities is sure to make this year a memorable one, and as they learn and grow together, students and staff can expect to have a fantastic school year.

October 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference