Middleton Celebrates River Baptism

Jamie Alwes was baptized on April 24 in the Payette River between Horseshoe Bend and Banks, Idaho, by Rodney Dale, retired pastor. In his determination to follow Jesus example, Alwes chose to be baptized in a river despite the water's chilly temperature.

When Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) brought the show 0n the Road to Caldwell, Idaho, the hosts met Alwes and interviewed him on live television. He told how he had started watching 3ABN and then found his way to the Middleton (Idaho) Church.

As a result of Alwes' testimony, other non-Adventists who attended the rally decided to visit local Adventist churches.

When the Ken Cox meetings were held in Ontario, Ore., Alwes faithfully attended those meetings, and they were barely over when he began attending Lyle Albrecht’s meetings in Eagle, Idaho.

Alwes truly was hungering and thirsting for the word of God, but he was also sharing it. One night after the meeting, he was observed witnessing to a young lady, explaining some of what they had heard in the meeting.

Members of Alwes' family and some of his friends with whom he has been sharing his new faith joined members of the Middleton, Kuna (Idaho) and Eagle churches for this special baptism.

October 01, 2004 / Idaho Conference